Our story

Groupe SFPI was created in France in 1985 by entrepreneurs led by Henri Morel, who wanted to engage in the recovery and development of industrial companies.

Offering a long-term strategic vision, Sfpi Group shares its management methods and know-how within more than 80 companies in Europe. Today, Sfpi Group constitutes a homogeneous and resilient group, specialized in the safety industry for people, goods and environment.

In 2018, Sfpi Group generated a turnover of more than 550 million euros, employed more than 3800 collaborators and had strong structures that placed it at the heart of today’s and tomorrow’s challenges faced by the safety industry. Sfpi Group is industrial, responsible, and European with global ambitions. It brings together all of its companies within 4 autonomous, innovative and digitalized operating divisions: DOM Security, MAC, MMD, NEU-JKF. Buildings' security and convenience, air-treatment and energy saving are just a few of the solutions offered on a daily basis by the group’s talented teams. They all share the same values of excellence in service delivery and customer satisfaction, both in the private and industrial markets.

The implemented dynamics outline a true industrial responsibility: a business responsibility, by supplying customers with products and services that meet high environmental and security standards; a managerial responsibility, by giving managers the entrepreneurial agility required in an everchanging environment, and technicians the opportunity to evolve within ambitious industrial structures; a financial responsibility, by favoring long term industrial investments, creating lasting value. Thanks to this policy of industrial responsibility, Sfpi Group generates sustainable value for all its stakeholders.

Sfpi Group is confident in its model devised in France and built on strong foundations. Today the group is pursuing its international expansion, to keep on providing safety for people, goods and environment. This is expressed through a new signature: Safety for People and Industry.