Responsabilité commerciale 

Our commercial pillar aims to deepen the knowledge of our customers and to spread a customer culture throughout our companies.

This is based on three objectives: 

- Conducting an annual customer survey measuring NPS. NPS stands for Net Promoter Score and is an index that measures satisfaction with a brand, product or service by asking a simple question :
"How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend/colleague/family member?"

- Measuring the customer service rate in terms of delays and quality thanks to the OTIF (On Time In Full)

- Sharing customer satisfaction with employees 

For the past two years, Sfpi Group has been working to promote a sales culture and to implement these indicators for monitoring quality and customer service (distribution of the NPS and OTIF). 

Damien Chauveinc, Deputy Managing Director at Sfpi Group and sponsor of the commercial pillar explains: "Putting customer satisfaction at the heart of all our practices is the main challenge of this transformation plan. 

In 2023 the indicators should improve to reach a score of 45 for the NPS and 90 for the OTIF respectively. 
The distribution of newsletters and sharing of good stories or good practices are also planned.

 Here are our latest key figures:

Key figures


of our companies have conducted an annual customer survey. This is the NPS which has a score of 44. 


OTIFs (on time delivery in full) were calculated with a score of 82