Environmental responsibility

Our environmental responsibility is reflected in our desire to become more efficient. 

Three targets have been set: 
- 100% of companies must take a first step towards a low-carbon strategy 
- All companies must reduce their energy consumption by 15%. 
- Reduce the volume of their main types of waste by 10%. 

For more than two years, our subsidiaries have been implementing numerous actions to reduce their ecological impact (reduction of electricity and energy consumption, review of industrial processes, investments in building insulation or more energy-efficient machines).

Sophie Morel, General Secretary of Sfpi Group and sponsor of the environmental pillar, explains: "The growing importance of environmental issues is a market opportunity for our products and services in the industry and construction sectors, an opportunity to make operating savings and to strengthen our position with customers. 

As part of the group's transformation plan, here are our latest key figures: 

Key figures


of companies have initiated a carbon assessment in 2022


reduction in energy consumption by 2022



- A first carbon assessment of the group has been carried out, we will publish the 2022 carbon assessment in 2023 

- Energy reduction measures and actions continued throughout 2022 (relamping, solar panel installations, investments in energy efficient machines, building insulation).