Thermal processing and sterilization solutions for industries

Heat exchange and sterilisation solutions for industry
The companies in the MMD cluster supply heat exchange and sterilisation solutions to industry (food processing, chemicals, heavy industry, etc.). The products designed, manufactured and distributed enable MMD customers to carry out their industrial processes requiring heat exchange, to comply with high health standards and to control their energy consumption.

The companies in the MMD division also have a strong presence in Europe and abroad.

The cluster is specialised in two areas: 

The design and manufacture of heat exchangers for industrial and HVAC applications. The heat exchangers provide thermal solutions for various industrial sectors such as food processing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, paper, energy saving and HVAC, water treatment, paper and textiles. 

Sterilisation for the food, agri-food and pharmaceutical industries to sterilise and pasteurise all types of packaged products. 

Our subsidiary Steriflow builds reliable industrial autoclaves, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and adapted to the needs of the most demanding manufacturers. 

MMD in a few key figures : 

- 3 production sites and one in Italy 
- 1992, date of joining the group 
- 300 employees
- 59,8M turnover in 2021 

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