Air treatment solutions for industries

The NEU JKF cluster designs, manufactures and markets solutions and equipment dedicated to improving air quality in industrial environments: dust removal systems, air filtration and conditioning, pneumatic treatment of production waste, pneumatic transport, industrial fans, etc.
The systems and products distributed by the cluster meet the most stringent standards and regulatory requirements. They contribute to the protection of the environment, industrial installations and the health of personnel. 
They also help to improve productivity and industrial performance and to improve the energy consumption of its customers.

The NEU-JKF division generates more than half of its turnover outside France and has customers in a large number of industrial sectors: food, wood, chemicals, cement, glass, minerals and metals, cardboard and paper, beverage cans, nuclear, plastics, aeronautics and automotive.

Since the acquisition of JKF in July 2017, the division has initiated an ambitious programme to synergise its activities across the entire value chain: purchasing and internalisation, marketing strategy, range rationalisation, sales strategy and organisation. At the same time, the division has embarked on a project to digitise its products and offer in order to accelerate its growth via the web.

NEU JKF in a few key figures : 

- 100 years of innovation in air technology 
- 708 employees 
- 1 test and training centre (CEFAN) 
- 9 subsidiaries worldwide
- 118,5M Turnover in 2021

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