Air treatment solutions for industries

The NEU JKF division designs, manufactures and markets solutions and equipment dedicated to clean air for the industry: de-dusting system, filtration and air conditioning, pneumatic conveying of production waste, pneumatic conveying, industrial fans, etc.
The systems and products provided by NEU-JKF meet the most stringent standards and regulatory requirements. They contribute to the protection of environment, industrial assets and personnel health and safety. They also improve productivity and industrial performance of its customers.
The NEU-JKF division generates more than half of its sales outside France and has customers in a large number of industrial sectors: food, agro-milling, wood, chemistry, cement, glass, minerals and metals, paperboard and paper, can, nuclear, plastic, aeronautics, automotive.
Since the acquisition of JKF in July 2017, the division has launched an ambitious program of synergy across the entire value chain: purchasing and internalization, marketing strategy, product portfolio rationalization, sales strategy and organization. In parallel, the division has started a digitalization initiative for its products and offering to boost its growth through the web.

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