New dust extraction techniques: Delta Neu's winning innovation

Delta Neu

Reinforcing dust extraction techniques' adaptability to specific needs

In the early 1990s, a grain producer came to Delta-Neu with a specific customer need. Whenever it was time to dump crops into a hopper, the slipstream effect – combined with windy weather conditions - would cause a cloud of dust.

France’s “Explosive atmosphere” regulations requires that dumping sites’ safety and cleanliness be ensured. To avoid dust cloud emissions, particles had to be neutralized. Different dust collection principles existed already but the systems were in need of perfecting to make them as adapted as possible to grain dumping.

Created a system adapted to grain dumping

True to its commitment to protect people, goods and the environment – and to satisfy a particular query while maintaining competitive advantage in a very specialized business environment – the company offered the customer a new dust aspiration system.

The equipment in question stood out because it was so adapted to the special requirements of grain dumping. This involved restricting the pit’s open section so that dust would only be produced at the exact spot where the grain was being transferred. A series of modules were provided, featuring swivel blades and fixed deflectors placed under the hopper grid.

The end result was that dust emissions could be controlled without disturbing the product dump. The equipment was able to filter fine grain particles with an air flow, filtering surface and energy consumption (measured in kilowatts) all decreased by a factor of six. Maintenance times were also six times shorter.

Turning a customised innovation into the market's new reference product

Delta-Neu’s customer was very happy with the new dust extraction unit.
In addition to this one commercial success, the dumping hopper dust extraction system became a market reference, with Delta-Neu coming to be known as an expert in the field.

Thanks to its ability to understand the specific needs of a specific market - and to come up with an adapted innovation - Delta-Neu is now able to offer a number of further dust extraction techniques when targeting other niche markets of this kind.
With its adeptness at differentiation, the company has become a key player in the protection industry, both today and in the years to come.