Brand strength: how DOM-Metalux created value by allying mechanical and electronic security


Material contraints can offer commercial opportunities

In June 2019, Dom-Metalux met with a company that wanted to renew its building access provisions. After analyzing the organizational chart and sensitive locations, the number one priority became how to lock the building. 

 The customer wanted an electronic locking system that would be easier to use. The problem was staff’s changing mobility requirements: alterations in an organizational chart necessitate a security system capable of adapting to people’s coming and going. On top of these geographic challenges, there was also the absence of any electronic certification, making it harder to rely on a purely electronic system. The question then became how to find a modern solution capable of responding to these specific issues.

Making security into something dynamic, modern, tailor-made

Aware of these issues, the company listened closely to its counterparts to try and satisfy their varying demands. Dom-Metalux’s ambitions would revolve around values of excellence, service and the need to satisfy both industrial customers and private households.
It came up with a solution that was both mobile and flexible: the DOM ENiQ APP system.

This simple didactic smartphone application makes it possible to program different pieces of equipment, allying mechanical with electronic action. Installing doors no longer entails any drilling or cabling. Responding to staff’s evolving needs, the system uses a control box when transitioning to a mobile application or even software – always with the same piece of equipment, thereby ensuring the investment’s lasting value. Throughout the project, Dom-Metalux displayed an advanced commercial and relational sense, ultimately enabling the emergence of a highly functional hybrid product.

At DOM-Metalux, adding value is central to premium customer service

By investing in an alliance of mechanics with electronics, Dom-Metalux has been able to turn its locking system into an evolutive tool, reflecting customer uses and needs. This has desacralized the access control system and proves that an electronic product can be both simple and durable, guaranteeing staff members’ physical safety. Nowadays the system account for nearly 14% of Dom-Metalux’s total revenue: a great success!