The easiest waste to manage is the kind that hasn't been generated in the first place


New talent at Barriquand, a renewed push towards better procedures

Barriquand is embarked upon an aspirational program of environmental protection. Crucial to this effort has been the promotion of circular economy practices. Economic as well as ecological improvement levers have been activated, the goal being to reduce both supplier volumes and trim waste.

The 2017 recruitment of two new directors (for Production and for Purchasing) enabled new thinking that has increased process efficiency.

One key issue is managing trim waste generated during heat exchanger manufacturing when sheet metal is produced. 

Standards that are ever more environmentally friendly

To achieve its goals, Barriquand focuses on training staff in new ways of working. 

The message is simple: the easiest waste to manage or recycle is the kind that hasn’t been generated in the first place!

Every time a project is set up, the company tries buying customised instead of standard sheet metal. The goal here is to avoid over-producing inox steel waste with all its trimmings. Hence the adoption of a trimming technology that works with water spray instead of plasma, improving precision levels from 3 to 0.3 millimeters. 

Barriquand then works with suppliers to define more ecological packaging criteria, for instance, by getting rid of any interlayer paper between metal sheets.

Resulting in both organizational and ecological progress

Within a few short months, the new procedures generated outcomes that were as good if not better than expected.

Recyclers no longer need to empty tippers as often as they used to. On top of this, Barriquand generates less simple industrial waste nowadays.

As for deliveries, production times have been cut by one week, with suppliers’ round-trip journeys being halved in number.

This is how Barriquand continues to assure customers that its products and services meet the highest environmental standards!