Industrial Responsibility: Sfpi Group's Approach to CSR

12 October 2023

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Sfpi Group is a European mid-sized company operating in the construction and security sectors. These activities, conducted through our various subsidiaries, encompass multiple dimensions. Socially, because we collaborate with over 4,200 employees. Environmentally, as we inevitably consume energy and emit carbon emissions due to our production processes. Economically, there are financial flows to consider.

Convinced that these issues, due to their nature, cannot be ignored and require serious, methodical, and concrete consideration, Sfpi Group has been actively engaged in comprehensive CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts for several years, the Sfpi way. Given the specificity of our sector, structure, and practices, it became essential to embrace this now widespread and sometimes overused concept.

Therefore, we have adopted the term "industrial responsibility" to denote our strategic approach to these challenges, a term that better reflects our reality and proactive stance. Embedded in the DNA of our founders and leaders, it specifically refers to behavior enabling a company and its talents to excel while ensuring the protection of people, property, and the environment.

To translate words into actions, Sfpi Group launched a realistic and ambitious transformation plan in 2020, based on four pillars:

Commercial Responsibility, overseen by Damien Chauveinc, Deputy General Manager. It places a culture of customer satisfaction at its core and involves implementing precise measurement indicators, such as OTIF (On Time Delivery In Full) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) by 2022. At least one employee from each subsidiary has been assigned to oversee this, and the results have been validated by external auditors. Goals for 2023 include implementing training and actions to enhance customer knowledge and satisfaction, improving the NPS of each subsidiary, and achieving a 90% OTIF service rate.

Managerial Responsibility, led by our HR Director Stéphanie Poncelet. It aims to support internal mobility and skill development to enable professional growth and goal achievement within the group. A values book and a manager's job description have been developed. Internal dissemination of the latter has allowed our talents to self-assess and attend tailored conferences. A guide detailing the fundamentals of the manager's position is also under development. The challenge for 2023 is to reduce turnover and increase the group's attractiveness.

Financial Responsibility, led by Nicolas Loyau, Chief Financial Officer. It aims to ensure transparency to foster a shared vision. In this regard, we have updated the group's code of conduct, signed by all managers. In general, strategic topics are shared with all employees at least twice a year.

Environmental Responsibility. Under the guidance of our Secretary-General Sophie Morel, the group is working to reduce its environmental footprint. Carbon footprint assessment, relamping and insulation work, introduction of measurement tools, waste flow assessments... 2022 saw numerous initiatives on both macro and micro scales. These efforts have provided valuable data for the continuation of our strategy. To implement it effectively, dedicated teams have been reinforced with the establishment of a non-financial controller position and the recruitment of an intern focusing on energy-related topics. Our 2023 objectives include reducing our iso activity consumptions, increasing the quantity of recyclable waste, and defining a Group decarbonization plan for scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Through its industrial responsibility approach, Sfpi Group addresses the significant current societal and CSR challenges. Beyond mere reflection, a comprehensive set of evaluation tools and action levers are being implemented to positively influence the human, environmental, and economic dimensions inherent in our activities.