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Industrial responsibility

A vision for Sfpi Group.

Industrial responsibility: a definition

Since 2017, the group has formalised its interactions with its stakeholders under the principle of industrial responsibility, broken down into 4 dimensions: commercial, managerial, environmental and financial responsibility. 

It is defined as a behaviour that allows a company and its employees to be efficient while guaranteeing the protection of people, goods and the environment. 

This principle of industrial responsibility brings together a set of management practices that have been firmly established in the group for many years (financial control and reporting culture, entrepreneurial autonomy, products that meet high standards) and a desire to accelerate the environmental transition of the group and its activities 

In 2020, the group gathered its key managers in a seminar in Davos to accelerate the transformation of the group and its subsidiaries 

Since then, all the subsidiaries have been working hand in hand to achieve the objectives set.

The four dimensions of industrial responsibility


Providing products and services matching our clients’ highest standards


Giving entrepreneurial autonomy to our managers, developing skills and improving working environments


Providing and delivering services, being increasingly mindful of energy consumption and environmental footprint



Rigorously controlling all of our activities and invest in sustainable growth


Industrial responsibility, a principle at heart of the development of our affiliates.

All of the Group’s affiliates have found their own ways to commit to our transformation towards responsibility. A lever of performance, industrial responsibility is also an energizing project within the Group, and has proven to be a vector of attractiveness for our teams.