Recruitment: Sfpi Group Optimizes Its Procedure

6 December 2023

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In an ever-evolving professional environment, Sfpi Group takes a strategic step forward
by optimizing its recruitment procedure. In this regard, a permanent position for a
recruitment officer was opened in early 2023. Subsequently, the work led by Laura Di
Bartolomeo, HR project manager, not only streamlined the recruitment process but also
significantly enhanced the visibility of the group and its subsidiaries, as well as its appeal
to potential candidates.

The first step of the project involved identifying a tool that would meet the group's
needs. The choice fell on LinkedIn, a social network and recruitment platform with
numerous features and a relatively intuitive interface.

The second step was to implement the tool:

A hunting license was obtained, a premium subscription providing access to all the
features offered on the platform: extended profile access, advanced search, InMail
messaging, application tracking, and evaluation statistics for actions taken.
33 LinkedIn pages, those of our four divisions and their respective companies, were
affiliated with the group's page to centralize and allow global supervision of the 41 job
slots, or sponsored placements, where job offers are posted.

Furthermore, a Company Life page was created on the Sfpi Group LinkedIn page. This
serves as a showcase for the group and its activities to current and potential talents.
Offering an immersive overview of the culture, values, and work environment, it
strengthens the professional brand image and serves as a powerful tool for group
recruitment and communication. It is structured into five tabs, the first dedicated to Sfpi
Group, and the other four to our divisions, MAC, DOM Security, MMD, and NEU-JKF.

Finally, communication devices were put in place to ensure internal dissemination and
accessibility to our LinkedIn page. Posters and QR codes linking to it were provided to all
our subsidiaries, as the initiative aims not only to recruit new employees but also to
promote internal mobility for those already in positions.

Initiated in March 2023, the work carried out by our human resources team already
shows promising results.

In terms of visibility, there is a notable increase in the number of monthly views on the
LinkedIn page since the start of the operation, with a 96.59% rise. Monthly subscriber
growth has also experienced a definite acceleration, +21.46%, with an average of two
new subscribers per day. It is also noteworthy that on the day of job offer
dissemination, subscriber acquisition reaches a peak with a figure multiplied by 16,
remaining seven times higher in the following days.

Received applications also show remarkable progress in both quantity and quality. Out
of the 16 positions opened in September 2023, 26 applications were selected after HR
interviews for further discussions with the managers, including 21 received through
LinkedIn. The platform now constitutes our primary job board. Beyond quantity, the
profiles are better aligned with the positions to be filled.

Furthermore, the use of external agencies and, therefore, recruitment costs, are
significantly reduced.

Finally, our HR team appreciates the simplification and acceleration of the management,
processing, and tracking of applications.

These achievements demonstrate the effectiveness of the revamped procedure. The
time-saving in management allows for a focus on the group's employer brand promise:
a family-oriented, innovation-focused work environment. The goal of attracting and
retaining the best talents through facilitated internal mobility is thus fulfilled.